How to train your dog to run with you

The issue most people have with running is a simple one: it can get boring pretty quick. With nothing to concentrate on for what can turn out to be a lengthy period of time, many will turn to physical activities that are more engaging.

Training your dog to run with you is one way of making runs more bearable: seeing your canine friend struggle by your side while still enjoying the race is sure to provide more amusement than checking your phone mid-race.

Unfortunately, dogs can be lazy, disobedient or simply too energetic to control. Therefore, training one to run with you takes a lot more effort than putting it on a leash and hoping for the best. Special thanks to my running buddy in Florida, Steve Russell for the dog running tips. He owns Boca Raton Oriental Rug Cleaning Pros… if you need some rugs cleaned from dirty running shoes… Continue reading “How to train your dog to run with you”

How to train for a marathon

Marathons are tough – so tough that very few people ultimately complete one. Signing up for a marathon takes more desire than most have and completing it is an entirely different matter – plenty of people will quit the run before the finish line or even give up on running altogether.

If you’d like to run for a whole 26 miles (and a little something extra) to call yourself a tried and true marathon runner, it’s better to start training for this feat as early as possible. Continue reading “How to train for a marathon”

Great fun runs in Texas

We have become too reliant on electronics for entertainment: when we’re bored or looking to have a good time, turning on the TV or checking the smartphone shouldn’t replace going outside and actually doing something.

If you’d like to have some fun under a clear sky, running is a great way to do it: since running is coded deep into our genes, you won’t need much besides a pair of decent shoes and enough endurance to complete an entire run.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect event for you, here’s an overview of some great fun runs in Texas that everyone can attend. If you are in the New Braunfels area, hit me up for a great run along the Guadalupe! Continue reading “Great fun runs in Texas”

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